Great Beauty mirrors

A cultural reflection, where reality transforms itself in something new and extraordinary. Research, passion and study: these are the ingredients to get to the creation of glass sheets transformed in mirrors, exactly as the Venetians used to do on XV century. Hand made mirrors, with strong nature, unique and irreproducible items.

Painted squares

Silvered and natural soils mirrors which can be used to cover walls, ceilings and several types of decorating elements.

Blue marine

Deep blue

Foggy green

Phoenix red

Ripe lemon

Antique black

Brushed black

Unripe green

Uncertain black

Lava from Vesuvio

This technique can be used to get any background colour

Moon 1

Natural process of finishing and oxidation

Moon 2

Natural process of finishing and oxidation

Gold and silver sheets

The mirror doesn’t reflect a clear image, but it blurs and celebrates the untold

Oxidated sheets

The water passage on the surface makes drops, trickles and the feeling of a not evaporated fluid

Twisted mirrors

Handmade glass-pulled sheets, obtaining twisted images for an art and visual culture experience

Painted mirrors

A very old technique, born in Persia since the dawn of our history, even if China boasts a greater growing and spread of the technique.
Today we produce high cultural value works.

The ever-changing

Symbol of infinite

The Phoenix

One of the most extraordinary subject, reflecting it becomes part of you

The chinoiserie

Its magic, is a meltingpot of culture, colours and historical connections





Engraved and silvered

Drawings and grounds based on the architect or the designer’s creativity

Engraved and silvered

Drawings and grounds based on the architect or the designer’s creativity


We design and follow the interiors with con functional furnishing elements, doors, boiseries, ceilings.
These mirrors are the gateway to an extraordinary and dreamlike world....have a good journey.


Here we create unique designs




Highly detailed project

The Chinese Emperor

Highly detailed project


Highly detailed project

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